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Shrinking the Cost of College

Wish college was more affordable? It can be.

Colleges today are priced like airline tickets, which means there are plenty of opportunities to receive a first-class education while paying the equivalent of a discount fare.

Finding affordable schools, however, can be tricky. That's where Shrinking the Cost of College: 152 Ways to Shrink the Price of a Bachelor’s Degree can help. The workbook can be your comprehensive guide to making college more affordable for your family.


What's Inside the Workbook

The workbook is packed with practical advice from Lynn O'Shaughnessy, a nationally recognized college expert, who writes about college for CBS MoneyWatch, US News & World Report and The College Solutions.

Here is some of what you'll discover insider the workbook:

  • Tips to boost your chances for scholarships.
  • Tools to pinpoint your financial aid chances.
  • Best resources for evaluating generosity of colleges.
  • Reasons why college savings rarely hurts aid chances.
  • Where affluent families should search for discounts.
  • Advise on cutting the price of out-of-state public universities.
  • How to negotiate for a better financial aid package.
This college workbook is perfect if you…
  • Want to save tens of thousands of dollars off a school’s published price.
  • Wonder what schools offer the best financial aid packages.
  • Would like to know what are the biggest sources of scholarships.
  • Aren’t sure how much college will cost your family.