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The Latest Lousy SAT Results

The College Board released its latest SAT results this week and the scores were underwhelming. The average SAT reading score reached its lowest point in nearly four decades. The combined reading, math and writing score of 1500 out of a possible 2400 was six points below 2010’s results and 18 points off 2006. If you’re […]

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My Favorite Books on College: A YouTube Review Interested in some summer reading? I’ve got bookcases packed with college books in my home office. In this YouTube video, however, I share some of my favorite books about college. College Workshop I’ll be giving the final college workshop this Saturday (July 23) in a summer series for parents and teenagers at the University […]

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Why Too Many College Students Aren’t Learning

Earlier this year, I wrote a couple of posts about this reality:  many students are graduating from college without absorbing much of an education. From a parent’s perspective that’s a lot of wasted money. And, of course, there are serious ramifications for students who have spent their college years living in a Bud Lite commercial. […]

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Don’t Waste Your Summer!

Here is something that really irritates me about the whole college process:  too many families view it as a game. Their aim is to get their child into the best school possible. Fair enough, but what’s often overlooked is making sure that teenagers are well prepared for whatever college they end up at. Too many […]

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College Admissions and HomeSchooled Students

For those who have been following my college blog this week, I’ve been answering questions from readers. These questions came from a mom and her homeschooled teenagers. Here is what she had to say: Question No. 1: Homeschooling has been our educational choice. When my son completed various applications, sections were often dedicated to “leadership […]

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Acing Your Final Exams

What is the best way to ace your final exams? This is a timely question as millions of high school and college students are preparing to take their final exams. You might assume that reading textbooks and notes over and over again is the best way to study, but researchers from Purdue and Washington University […]

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Need a Tutor?

I stopped being able to help my kids with their math homework in middle school. I know there are millions of parents whose children can no longer rely on them to help with math, chemistry, physics or other complex subjects. When this happens, tutors are always an option, but that can be expensive. So what’s […]

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