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Studying for the SAT: Is It Worth It?

Will students who take SAT prep courses increase their test scores? To me the answer is obvious. Of course, you can boost your test scores through SAT preparation. Both of my children have benefited by attending an SAT prep course, My daughter’s score jump ed by at least 120 points. And my son, who just […]

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A Baby SAT Test Bites the Dust

How would you like your kid to take a pre-pre-pre SAT test? The College Board thought this would be a ducky idea.  So last fall the testing juggernaut announced that it was going to inflict a baby SAT on — get this — middle schoolers. “This is not a pre-pre-pre SAT,” a College Board VP […]

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Why Teens Take AP Classes

The number of high school students who are taking Advance Placement classes is skyrocketing. In 2002, 1 million students took at least one AP exam, but five years later the teens signing up for a AP test jumped more than 50% to 1.6 million students. Is all this popularity a good thing? Probably not. Curious […]

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The Pros and Cons of Summer School for Teenagers

Is your teenager contemplating going to summer school? Just thinking back to my daughter’s summer school experience  gives me the chills. When Caitlin was in high school she took an honor’s chemistry class during the summer. She spent about 12 hours a day studying chemistry. It was hellish, but then the girls’ high school she […]

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Eating for the SAT Test

Usually when my son Ben arrives home after school he strides right past my office and pretends he doesn’t hear my stock question:  How was your day? But yesterday was different. He walked up to me and mumbled something that sounded like, “Mom, you were right.” I was stunned and curious about what could have […]

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My son Ben, who is a junior in high school, is taking a pre-calculus class at a San Diego community college a couple of nights a week. After the first class, Ben told me that the professor explained quite dramatically that he would not accept any excuses for late assignments. To illustrate how serious he […]

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Teenagers and Summer Plans

While back home in San Diego for her winter break, my daughter Caitlin managed to line up a summer internship with the Institute of the Americas at the local University of  California campus. It’s ideal when a college student can find a job or internship that compliments his or her major, which in Caitlin’s case […]

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Studying at MIT for Free

I spent a few minutes with my teenage son last night watching a mad professor flailing a student with cat fur. Actually, the MIT physics professor wasn’t mad, but he was entertaining. Walter H. G. Lewin was giving a demonstration on electrical charges in a class exploring electricity and magnetism. After getting pelted by the […]

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