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Showing Demonstrated Interest in Colleges

No student wants to be rejected by a college. And guess what? Colleges don’t like rejection either. Consequently, teenagers can boost their chances of gaining admission to the colleges high on their list by showing “demonstrated interest.” Demonstrated interest has become a hot buzz word in higher ed today as an increasing number of teenagers […]

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Surviving Bad SAT or ACT Scores

What adjective would best describe your SAT or ACT scores: A) Transcendent. B) Puissant. C) Sublime. D) Dreadful. If  your answer was “D,” here’s news that can chase away that funk:  The number of  SAT and ACT-optional schools continues to climb so even if you don’t earn a good SAT score or good ACT score, […]

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My son Ben, who is a junior in high school, is taking a pre-calculus class at a San Diego community college a couple of nights a week. After the first class, Ben told me that the professor explained quite dramatically that he would not accept any excuses for late assignments. To illustrate how serious he […]

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SAT-Optional Schools and Inflated Scores

Are SAT-optional schools inflating their standardized test scores? That was the question that I explored in my blog yesterday. I promised then that I would share the fascinating findings of a study that touches upon this very issue. The study, conducted by Maguire Associates, a highly respected higher ed consulting firm in Concord, MA, suggests […]

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University of California Admission Changes

The University of California Board of Regents is expected today to approve the most sweeping admission changes to admissions in at least a decade at the nine UC campuses for undergraduates. The new requirements will allow 40% more high school graduates to be eligible for admission to the UC system. Many high school students are […]

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