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The SAT Test Under Seige

More bad news for the dreaded SAT test. The number of colleges and universities making the SAT or ACT optional continues to grow. In a new survey from, more than 775 colleges no longer require most students to submit scores from either standardized test. What’s more, a high-powered panel led by William R. Fitzsimmons, […]

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Gaming the System: College Legacy Admissions

Everybody knows how ridiculously hard it is to claw your way into an elite school like Harvard, Princeton or Notre Dame. Every year though plenty of students who possess lower grades and less impressive resumes find a way to game the system. What’s their secret? They’ve got the right parents. Schools hate to talk about […]

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You Have What On Your Facebook???

Do you know what’s on your teenager’s MySpace or Facebook? You might not care, but plenty of colleges might. A story in today’s Wall Street Journal reports that some colleges are skulking around on the MySpace and Facebook pages of their applicants. In a survey of 500 top colleges, 10% of admission officers acknowledged that […]

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College by the Numbers

I thought I’d pass along today some of the statistics from the The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual almanac, which was released this week. Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber so you can’t take a look yourself. In no particular order, here goes: Graduation rate at four-year colleges & universities: 56.4% (Women 59.2%) (Men […]

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A College Admission Hoax Uncovered

Whenever I’ve been in the vicinity of a bookstore lately, I’ve felt compelled to walk in. I wander over to the section with the college guides and the ponderous SAT prep titles and I look to see if my book, The College Solution, is on the shelf. If I can’t find a copy of my […]

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SAT Words: Studying for the SAT With Free Rice

In July, The New York Times ran a lengthy front-page story about teenagers’ abandonment of books. Kids would rather read online than pick up a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird or a Jane Austen novel. My son Ben shares that sentiment. He will sometimes stumble onto a book that he loves like The Life […]

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Why I Hate the SAT

I hate the SAT. I don’t know any parent who likes it except for one of my friends. Her daughter, who is now at Stanford, earned a perfect SAT reading score. I never heard her griping. A couple of years ago, I was worrying about how my daughter, who is now a college sophomore, would […]

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Yet More Testing for College!

I believe most parents think high school students already suffer through too many standardized tests before they can toss their No. 2 pencils. Apparently the College Board, which makes loads of money off the the SAT, SAT subjects tests and the PSAT, has concluded that kids aren’t spending enough time filling little ovals into test […]

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