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Please Apply So We Can Reject You!

It’s your last chance to enroll in my class for financial advisors, counselors and college consultants on shrinking college costs, which starts Oct. 1.  My class designed for parents that explains how they can cut their college costs starts Oct. 14. Lynn O’Shaughnessy High-achieving students who apply every year to the Ivies and other elites [...]

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Are You Confused and Frustrated?

If you have a teenager who will be heading to college some day, you probably are frustrated and confused. It’s hard to find answers when you are looking for ways to cut your college costs. It’s equally frustrating for financial advisors, high school counselors and independent college consultants who would like to assist their families [...]

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Where to Find the Best College Professors

How do you know if the college or university that your child ultimately attends will provide him or her with an excellent education? You won’t. College pricing is inching closer to transparency thanks to net price calculators, but it’s largely impossible to form an educated opinion about the strength of a school’s learning environment beyond [...]

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