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Research Universities: A Dirty Little Secret

-+*I will be starting my next online parent course on how you can cut your college costs on May 19. If you’d like to notified when I have more information available on this popular class, please email me at Most students who hope to earn a bachelor’s degree will enroll at a university. The […]

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Why Affluent Teens Are Miserable

-+*In my experience, high quality, independent test-prep firms produce some of the best college newsletters. One newsletter that I always make sure I read comes from Compass Education Group, which offers test prep in Northern and Southern California.  Today I am sharing a thought-provoking post that Matt Steiner, who is Compass Education’s marketing director, originally […]

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Where to Find the Best College Professors

-+*How do you know if the college or university that your child ultimately attends will provide him or her with an excellent education? You won’t. College pricing is inching closer to transparency thanks to net price calculators, but it’s largely impossible to form an educated opinion about the strength of a school’s learning environment beyond […]

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Plan B for Future Art and Music Majors

-+*Today I’m sharing a guest post that explains some excellent, but overlooked options for students who are interested in attending a music conservatory or an art and design school, which are often extremely expensive options with poor financial aid. The author is Stuart Nachbar, who is president of, a college admissions blog and guide […]

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