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When College Tuition is Too Cheap

College students and their parents hate to see tuition increases. So why are students at the University of Florida, Florida State, the University of Montana and elsewhere clamoring for tuition hikes? Here’s a clue: When universities are starved for cash, academic quality shrinks and students eventually notice. That’s what has been happening at state universities […]

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Getting Into College: Success Stories

Just thinking about what it takes to get into college today can be exhausting.  High school kids are supposed to take challenging classes, study for the dreaded SAT/ACT, round up teacher recommendation, complete applications, nag their parents to fill out financial aid forms ….it never seems to end. But today was a triumph for the […]

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MBA Degree: Harvard MBA Scoundrels

For many wannabe investment bankers, the key to unlocking Wall Street’s treasure chest was traditionally getting a Harvard MBA. So this shouldn’t come as a surprise:  Harvard tops the list of business school that have produced the most Wall Street scoundrels in our current financial mess. Here are the top three winners: Harvard New York […]

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