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Gaming the System: College Legacy Admissions

Everybody knows how ridiculously hard it is to claw your way into an elite school like Harvard, Princeton or Notre Dame. Every year though plenty of students who possess lower grades and less impressive resumes find a way to game the system. What’s their secret? They’ve got the right parents. Schools hate to talk about […]

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A College Admission Hoax Uncovered

Whenever I’ve been in the vicinity of a bookstore lately, I’ve felt compelled to walk in. I wander over to the section with the college guides and the ponderous SAT prep titles and I look to see if my book, The College Solution, is on the shelf. If I can’t find a copy of my […]

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Pell Grants and Ivy League Hypocrisy

The most emailed story in The New York Times on Monday focused on Berea College, a little school in Kentucky with a heart of gold. The college charges no tuition and only accepts low-income teenagers. Every student graduates with no debt. Not surprisingly, the school is mobbed every year with applicants. Berea is dedicated to […]

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