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The Argument Against Snobby Ivy League Schools

It was a rare morning because I spent it eating breakfast out instead of nibbling on toast at my computer. A friend of my husband’s was interested in talking about the stock market over French toast and Mexican scrambled eggs and ultimately the conversation veered to college. His son had just gotten his SAT scores […]

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Cutting the Cost of College

An increasing number of high school seniors are deciding to skip applying to private colleges and universities because they worry that the costs will be too high in these hard economic times. That was the gist of a story in today’s New York Times. While it’s always essential to apply to financial safety schools, families […]

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Studying at MIT for Free

I spent a few minutes with my teenage son last night watching a mad professor flailing a student with cat fur. Actually, the MIT physics professor wasn’t mad, but he was entertaining. Walter H. G. Lewin was giving a demonstration on electrical charges in a class exploring electricity and magnetism. After getting pelted by the […]

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Harvard & Crocodile Tears

I had just woken up yesterday when my husband Bruce motioned me over to his laptop to show me a news bulletin about Harvard. The august institution had announced that thanks to the turmoil of the financial markets it had lost $8 billion of its $36.9 billion endowment since the summer. My husband’s boss, who […]

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The Perils of Part-Time Professors

A report that was released today made me feel guilty. The study concluded that the number of part-time instructors who are teaching our kids at public universities and colleges has reached an alarming level. Temporary faculty members now teach 49% of the more than 1.5 million undergraduate classes that are held each semester at public […]

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