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College Students Who Work

With today’s economy drawing comparisons to the Great Depression, plenty of students will be working longer hours to underwrite the costs of their degrees. But how many hours can a student work without jeopardizing his or her grades? In an analysis of studies on this question, the American Council on Education determined that college students […]

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Paying For College in Tough Times

These are scary times for parents of teenagers. Saving for college was challenging enough before experts started comparing the stock market’s current implosion to the Great Depression. Many parents are reacting to the downturn by telling their teenagers to only apply to instate schools to save money. In some cases this is a wise decision, […]

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Financial Aid: The Word on FAFSA

FAFSA. This acronym has made millions of parents weep. That may be overstating it, but it’s turned the college application process into more of a hassle than it needs to be. FAFSA is a clumsy acronym for an even more awkward title: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Every time I mention FAFSA during a […]

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Student Lenders Crying Wolf

If you spend enough time reading about the higher ed community it’s easy to become a cynic. Learning what really motivates schools, for instance, to drop SAT requirements or to offer certain types of kids tuition breaks and not others can make you incredibly skeptical. I am even more skeptical about anything that the student […]

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