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A College's Financial Footprints

In my last post, I shared how you can get a pretty good idea if your family will qualify for financial aid. You need this information if you are eager to slash the cost of your child’s bachelor’s degree. Here’s an example:  Let’s suppose a bright teenager, whose parents are wealthy, gets accepted into Georgetown […]

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Worrying About the Wrong Thing

I was visiting Wheaton College in Norton, MA, yesterday with my husband and son, who is just beginning to get interested in finding a college. While I was at the beautiful campus during the fall open house, I sat in on a session devoted to financial aid. Lots of parents had showed up to hear […]

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Struggling with College Costs During the Market's Turmoil

I received an email from a mother this weekend who was worried about how the stock market implosion would impact the family’s ability to pay for their daughter’s education at one of the nation’s premiere universities. The family’s investment portfolio has dropped 33% since the summer when their daughter enrolled as a freshman at Washington […]

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The Stock Market Crash & Student Loans

Do you know the difference between a federal student loan and a private one? With the stock market imploding, knowing the correct answer is even more important now. Why? Because it’s more likely that people with decimated college accounts are going to have to go into debt–or into greater debt–to pay for a bachelor’s degree. […]

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The Student Debt Tipping Point

If a teenager plans to major in theater or social work should he or she assume more student debt than a kid who plans to become an engineer or an accountant? Most families aren’t concerned about the earnings potential of their children when exploring colleges. According to a recent commentary in The Christian Science Monitor, […]

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College & Disneyland

For the last three days, I’ve been attending the 100th anniversary of the journalism school at the University of Missouri. My alma mater. The most amazing thing that I saw while I was on campus for the first time in 28 years didn’t occur at the journalism school though it was bustling with J School […]

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College Costs & a Gallon of Milk

If the cost of milk had risen as fast as college tuition since 1980, you’d now be paying $15 for a gallon of milk. That was one of the depressing facts that a Congressional Committee groused about this week during a hearing that focused on why colleges are so ridiculously expensive. In noting that tuition […]

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