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Tuition Price Hikes for Private Colleges and Universities

If you are stressing about how to pay for your child’s bachelor’s degree, the news today from an association of private colleges and universities isn’t going to make you break out the champagne at dinner tonight. In a self-congratulatory press release, the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, announced that the average tuition increase […]

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Exploring a College Gap Year

When I’m giving a college talk, I’m always amazed at how many parents ask me about college gap year opportunities. I’m surprised because I happen to be focused on getting my teenagers out of college in four years. It never occurred to me to delay the inevitable. That said,  there legitimate reasons why teenagers and […]

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How to Negotiate for a Better Financial Aid Package

Colleges loath the “N” word. Administrators hate it when parents call them up and want to negotiate a better financial aid package. Well, that’s too bad. Colleges cost too much money for families to automatically agree to a six-figure commitment. If you’re going to negotiate, however, you’re nearly out of time. The traditional deadline for […]

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Giving Rich Kids a College Advantage

The New York Times published a front-page article recently which discussed how some colleges are giving preferential treatment to rich students.  The trend shouldn’t be surprising. Actually, the vast majority of private colleges have been playing out of this rule book for many years. It didn’t take the current financial crisis to trigger it. Regardless […]

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Getting a Community College Scholarship

Community college scholarships are going begging. That’s what the faculty senate president at a community college in San Diego told me this morning when I bumped into him at the dog park. He wasn’t talking about federal Pell Grants or other state or federal aid. He was referring to community college scholarship that benefactors have […]

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