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Student Loan Consolidation and Other Student Debt Strategies

What’ the right way to pay back your student debt? It’s a question that puzzles a lot of college graduates, who are trying to figure out how to best juggle their student loans. For some college grads, student loan consolidation will be a smart idea. What’s also important is choosing the right payment option for […]

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The Ugly Side of College Student Loan Debt

I’m going to be surprised if the soaring level of college student loan debt doesn’t become a political issue. The number of student loan defaults and delinquencies are rising. The latest statistics on student loan delinquencies are shocking.  The Student Lending Analytics Blog just crunched the Federal Reserve numbers on student loan delinquencies and came up […]

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Kicking Private Student Loan Lenders to the Curb

Tell me if this makes sense: When private lenders got into the federal student loan business years ago, the federal government guaranteed that it would step in when student borrowers defaulted on their federal loans. The  government (us taxpayers) also gave the student loan lenders a fat subsidy to participate in this virtually risk-free business. […]

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Can You Afford a Private College? And Other College Blog Posts

I told you so! That’s what I was thinking when I wrote one of my college blog posts last week for With the media writing nonstop about how teenagers could only afford public institutions in this wretched economy, I must have looked like a lunatic when I insisted that private colleges could still be […]

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College Blog Weeekend RoundUp: Harvard, Student Loans and SAT Tests

Here’s my weekend college blog roundup of the posts that I wrote during the past few days for Hope you enjoy them. Is Harvard Going Broke? If you’ve been struggling to stay on a budget, you might appreciate what’s happening at Harvard, which is experiencing the worst financial crisis of its 373-year history. The […]

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