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College News On the Weekend

I wanted to share with you three college posts that I wrote this week for my other college blog  at CBSMoneyWatch. Hope you enjoy them! 1. Shrinking Your Federal Student Loans A great federal program will begin this coming Wednesday that will provide relief to many borrowers who are struggling with repaying their federal student […]

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Microlending to College Students

With colleges struggling to provide adequate financial aid to their students, will affluent alumni step in to help? That apparently is what’s beginning to happen.  Last month three Harvard grads started a nonprofit loan program called UniThrive.  The goal is to play matchmaker to financially struggling students with alumni who are happy to make interest-free […]

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Researching Student Loan Options

  If you’re confused about your student loan options, Kathy Kristof, a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times, nicely presents what your alternatives are in this piece on student loan strategies. Of course, I’m biased since she interviewed me for her piece. If you’ve got to borrow for college – and most parents will […]

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The Perils of Private Student Loans

More college kids are taking out private student loans than ever before.  New federal data shows that the number of undergrads borrowing private dollars has jumped from 5% to 14% in four years. Why do I care? Because private student loans can be dangerous.  Private loans are typically more expensive than federal student loans. And […]

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