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Taking a Shower With Your Eyes Closed

Are you jealous that your child is in college and you’re stuck at home paying for it? I feel that way sometimes and so do many of my friends. But when I get nostalgic about my own days at the University of Missouri, I realize that I have conveniently forgotten about a certain aspect of […]

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Top 26 Green Colleges in America

Where are America’s green colleges? Every year attempts to provide the answer with its College Sustainability Report Card. There are lots of ways to find green colleges. If you visit GreenReportCard, you’ll be able to filter for  green campuses in more than 100 ways. To make the search far less intimidating, you’ll find on […]

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Selling Your College Textbooks to Amazon

Do you have some used college textbooks you’d like to get rid of? You might want to check with Amazon. The online bookseller rolled out a new program today to entice college students to trade in their textbooks. The trade-in program is simple. You can check to see if Amazon will buy your used textbook […]

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