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Going to College on an Athletic Scholarship

My biggest regret after finishing my book, The College Solution, was that I didn’t include a chapter about athletic scholarships. With the book’s deadline looming, I decided to skip writing about college sports scholarships. When my book goes into a second printing, I’ll be sure to add one. I was reminded about my omission today […]

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College Twitter

Do you Twitter? I don’t, but I’ve been getting pressure from people to start tweeting about college. I’m still on the fence on that one, but I have started reading up on Twittering. I ran across a fascinating story this week about Twittering in the higher-ed world. A Twitterer (Is that a word?) at The […]

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March Madness & University Graduation Rates

During March Madness, I’ve been rooting for my alma mater – the University of Missouri. I’ll be thrilled if Missouri wins its first national championship, but that wouldn’t keep me from feeling sorry for the school’s basketball players. Only 25% of Mizzou’s basketball players ultimately graduate. And that pathetic number is hardly a fluke. The […]

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Where Young College Graduates Live

When you’re in the thick of the college admission process, it sometimes feels that every teenager in America is applying to the same schools as your child. The reality is actually starkly different. The vast majority of Americans never earn a college degree. The Lumina Foundation, which is one of the white knights in the […]

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Roughing It in College

Ludwig Maximilian University To cope with scary economic times are American colleges and universities going to deep six some of their amenities? This was the question that I explored in yesterday’s blog. It’s unlikely, however,  that American college students will ever experience the bare-bones, higher-ed experiences that’s prevalent Europe. With the notable exception of Great […]

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College Admissions Stalking Online

A few days ago, I wrote a blog about how college admission officers are increasingly turning to new media when marketing to teenagers. But teenagers are going to be more interested in how schools are using these new tools to snoop on them. An ambitious study conducted at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, suggests that […]

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Earning a Degree Online

It’s hard researching online colleges. U.S. News & World Report certainly doesn’t rank online schools and the publishing world largely ignores distant learning colleges. Visit a bookstore and it’s doubtful that you’ll find anything worthwhile. When I checked on, one of the only books that I found was more than eight years old. During […]

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A College Facebook Scandal

The College Prowler publishes a popular series of books and undoubtedly part of its success can be traced back to its marketing efforts. But the publisher recently got caught stepping over the line with a sneaky viral marketing campaign on Facebook. An enterprising blogger discovered that fake students were creating “Class of 2013” groups on […]

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