Learning in a Crowd

Last week, I promised that I’d post a portion of my upcoming book, The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price, that focuses on how to make attending a large public university a more intimate learning experience. Since 84% of Californian students attend state public schools, I […]

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Getting Into College in California

If you’re the parent of a teenager, you may not have heard the good news yet. The number of high school graduates, which has been growing every year, is peaking this spring. The numbers will continue to shrink until about 2015. Of course, this won’t seem like much of a consolation if you’ve read the […]

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Sneak Peak at The College Solution

Someone emailed me today and asked when my book was going to be available. Even though my marketing skills are sadly inadequate, even I realized that the question provided me with a way to plug my book. Actually, it’s a timely question since I received two cartons of review copies of my book via Fed […]

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The Sky is Not Falling

Just about every morning, I spend time at the gym. Many mornings I read The New York Times on the Stairmaster, which I hate. The Stairmaster, not the NY Times. One of the regulars at the gym is an older man, who happens to be a multi-millionaire. He usually likes to kid me good naturedly […]

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Ask a Financial Advisor the Right Questions

This week, I heard from a Navy retiree, who wondered what he should do with the stockpile of cash he built up in his Thrift Savings Plan, the federal government retirement plan that looks a lot like a 401(k). My recent blogs on finding a financial planner was fortuitous because he has been grappling with […]

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Fee-Only versus Fee-Based Advisors

If you are bewildered by the number of mutual funds on the shelves, selecting a financial advisor has got to be an even more excruciating process. The nation’s inventory of mutual funds exceeds 8,100 and if you multiply that number a few times, you’ll get some idea of the staggering number of people trying to […]

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The Big Differences Between Advisors and Stockbrokers

About two years ago, Smith Barney, the brokerage giant, announced that it would start calling its stockbrokers “financial advisors.” Most Smith Barney clients, if they heard this pronouncement, would probably have greeted it with some variation of “duh.”  These investors already assume that the brokers, who handle their accounts, are advisors. While the clients would […]

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