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States with High Student Debt and More

10 Best and Worst States for Student Loan Debt Many of the states with the highest student loan debt levels are in the Northeast. In contrast, the states with the lowest student debt levels are in the West and South. That was one of the subjects that I wrote about last week for CBSMoneyWatch.com.  In […]

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Selling Your College Textbooks to Amazon

Do you have some used college textbooks you’d like to get rid of? You might want to check with Amazon. The online bookseller rolled out a new program today to entice college students to trade in their textbooks. The trade-in program is simple. You can check to see if Amazon will buy your used textbook […]

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Cut College Costs: Be a Sperm Donor

Stories about how students can save and earn money in colleges are a dime a dozen. Sell textbooks, buy a cheap meal plan, blah, blah, blah. I get bored whenever I read (or write) one. Yesterday, however,  Zac Bissonnette, a talented  young guy and student, who writes about college for The Daily Beast and AOL’s […]

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Renting Cheap College Textbooks

Here’s a way to find cheap college textbooks: rent them. This seems so logical, but it’s taken an awfully long time for the idea of renting used college textbooks to take root. At least a couple of companies are now renting cheap college textbooks to students who are eager to shrink their book tab. A […]

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