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11 Ways to Research a College

I’ve been getting questions from parents who are agonizing about where their teenagers should attend college. It’s a tough decision and time is running out to pick the winners. The national deposit day for freshman is May 1. College Choices Here are some of choices facing a family that contacted me yesterday: St. Olaf, Grinnell, […]

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Comparing the Right Graduation Rates

When I give talks about finding and affording colleges in California, the audiences often gasp when I share grad rates for some extremely popular state schools. Here are some of the four-year grad rates that shock parents: San Jose State University 7.9% Cal State University-Long Beach 12.3% San Francisco State University 14. 2% Cal State […]

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Good Luck Graduating in Four Years!

Here is a scary college statistic: According to the  federal government, only 36.4% of full-time students graduate from college in four years. Here is a closer look at the latest available stats: Graduating in Four Years Public universities can often be less expensive than private institutions for students who can graduate on time, but most […]

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Getting Ideas for a College List

It’s intimidating when families hear that there are thousands of colleges and universities in this country. It’s equally unnerving when families try to grapple with this question:  Where do you find ideas? This week I hope to share some suggestions on web resources that can help you start collecting college candidates. The first one to […]

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