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Seven Things to Know About Scholarships

Today I’m sharing with you a guest blog from Michelle Kretzschmar, my friend and the creator of Do It Yourself College Rankings. Michelle and I are busy developing an online class for parents that is focused on shrinking college costs.We hope to roll out the course in the fall. Lynn O’Shaughnessy As the cost of […]

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A 53% Discount Off a College Sticker Price

Many parents assume that college is a seller’s market, but except for the elite schools that are perched at the top of US News & World Report’s college rankings, this belief is laughable. Schools are so eager to attract freshmen to their campuses that they are now discounting their tuition at historically high levels. That’s […]

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Getting Stiffed by Colleges

When students are shopping for colleges, admission representatives typically urge them to ignore the sticker price. Here’s what these college reps routinely say:  We’ve got lots of financial aid and scholarships. Just APPLY! I was reminded of why applying blind is such a reckless strategy when a mom contacted me after her husband heard me […]

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A New Way to Search for College Scholarships

It’s private college scholarship season. If your child hopes to obtain a private college scholarship, now is the time to apply. There are two main windows for private scholarships – now and in October and November. The deadline for many current scholarships is at the end of April or in May. Many students, particularly soon-to-be […]

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