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The Fascinating Anatomy of a College Scholarship

How do colleges decide which teenagers will win their merit scholarships? And, just as importantly, how do schools determine how much each scholarship winner will receive. I was excited to gain some insight into that question yesterday when I talked to Jonathan Burdick, the undergraduate admissions and financial aid director at the University of Rochester. […]

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Deciphering a Financial Aid Package, Part 2

In my last post, I explained what kind of federal financial assistance you might find in a financial aid award.  Here it is: Deciperhing a Financial Aid Package Today, I’m going to cover the types of college grants that parents typically find in a student financial aid letter. College Grants Many families believe that the […]

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7 Ways to Win a Private College Scholarship

I wrote this post for my college blog over at US News & World Report last week. I wanted to share it with you….. Winning private college scholarships can certainly help make college more affordable, but you need to know the realities of competing for college cash. A handy resource to turn to is a […]

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