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Please Apply So We Can Reject You!

It’s your last chance to enroll in my class for financial advisors, counselors and college consultants on shrinking college costs, which starts Oct. 1.  My class designed for parents that explains how they can cut their college costs starts Oct. 14. Lynn O’Shaughnessy High-achieving students who apply every year to the Ivies and other elites [...]

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How College Rankings Can Hurt You

Yesterday, in writing about the latest college rankings scandal on my college blog, I mentioned that the institutional pursuit of college rankings glory, has hurt millions of students in ways they can’t even imagine. Today I want to elaborate on that observation. If you missed yesterday’s post, here it is: Colleges and Universities That Cheat [...]

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College Rankings: A Weird Beauty Contest

As many of you know, I’m not a fan of US News and World Report’s college rankings even though I write a college blog for the magazine.  The methodology is flawed and the rankings sponsor does not try to measure what kind of education students receive at their schools. What I find even more troubling [...]

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