Does this sound familar?

  • You're worried about the price of the colleges that excite your teenager.
  • You have no idea how colleges decide who gets aid and who get merit scholarships.
  • You wonder which universities would be most generous to your child.
  • You're not sure how to find colleges where your teenager would thrive.

Become a Savvy College Shopper

The College Cost Lab provides step-by-step instructions on how to afford colleges and find good schools. 

Many of the parents who take this popular online course are affluent and will not qualify for financial aid. These parents will discover a variety of ways to reduce their costs including. 

The course is also loaded with advice for parents who are seeking need-based aid. 

Lynn O'Shaughnessy, a nationally recognized college expert and the author of an Amazon bestseller focused on college advice, has written for or been featured in countless media outlets including:

How Does this Class Work?

Take this comprehensive online course at your leisure. Login and access: 

  • 27 Lessons. Cover critical college topics including researching college generosity, merit scholarships, financial aid and creating a college list. 
  • Resource Guides. Over 10 Guides! Print them out and mark them up.
  • Videos. Easy to follow videos that outline critical college strategies. 
  • Worksheets & Checklists. Will make your college search easier. 
  • Lifetime Access to all Course Materials. Explore the material when it's convenient for you. No rush. 

Who Can Benefit From This Class?

  • Parents wanting to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars, even $100,000 or much more! 
  • Parents with high schools students 9 – 12 grade. 
  • High-income families seeking merit scholarships.
  • Middle-income families seeking need-based aid. 
  • Even parents with 12th graders who have created their lists. 
  • Parents worried about making wrong decisions. (One third of four-year college students end up transferring). 
  • College consultants & high school counselors. 

A Sample of What's in The College Cost Lab:

college cost lab

  • A 17-step blueprint to shrink what you pay for your child’s bachelor’s degree.  
  • An eight-step road map to finding colleges and universities. 
  • The identity of 70 of the nation’s most generous colleges and universities. 
  • The types of schools that are most likely to award students merit scholarships. 
  • The four main sources of college money and the BIG ONE that is worth pursuing the most aggressively.

Enroll Now for a Bonus

200+ Page Parent Resouce Guide

This 200+ page guide contains hundreds of questions that parents, who have taken my course previously, have asked me about college selection and paying for college. And my answers.  

When reading the guide, you will almost certainly find parents facing the same situations that you are, as well as potential solutions!

college finance

Zero Risk.

With this class it's possible to save six figures off your college costs. 

Colleges are businesses, just like any other industry. Their No. 1 priority is themselves. 

You can't expect schools to be honest as you explore your college options. 

The College Cost Lab, however, will teach you what you absolutely need to know to become an informed college shopper. 

 The course will also help you cut through all the confusion to reduce your stress and save you money. 

If you don’t find the class helpful within the first 30 days after enrolling, you’ll receive a full refund.  

What Real Parents Are Saying

I'm Blown Away.

I run a Wealth Management firm and just finished Lynn's The College Cost Lab. I'm blown away; Lynn has managed to open the black box that drives the "real price" of your college choice. Certainly for those with a financial need, aid is available, but I didn't realize that there is nearly the same amount given each year as "merit aid" and most of that does NOT go to athletes and valedictorians - it's available to those who know who has it and why they might be motivated to entice YOUR student to choose THEIR school. Brilliant course!

J. David Pattie President, Money Management Firm, Lake Forest, IL

Offered 48K a Year in Scholarships.

Your course was extremely helpful in informing our family's strategy. Our daughter received multiple acceptances from great schools across the country that offered between $15K-$48K/year in merit aid and talent-based scholarships. As a family, we feel like we have achieved an affordable college solution that is aligned with our daughter's passions. Thank you very much for helping make it happen!

Steve Kappes Retired Naval officer, Chula Vista, CA

My Daughter Was Accepted At All 11 Schools.

I was fortunate enough to take The College Cost Lab three times. My daughter Sophia just started her college experience at Yale University. She was accepted to all 11 schools that she applied to and Lynn’s course helped me make the best choices for our daughter and our family.  

Betty Randolph Registered nurse, San Diego

Ready to Be a Smart College Shopper?

Families need a plan to make the best college choices. By the time you finish this class you'll be more prepared and know more than 99% of parents out there.