Welcome to the The College Solution & Do It Yourself College Rankings webinars.

This summer I’ve been offering college webinars with Michelle Kretzschmar, the creator of Do It Yourself College Rankings, which is a valuable resource for families who want to make smart college decisions.

Our final webinar will take place on  August  25 (Sunday) at 4:30 p.m. PDT. I will be demonstrating a great tool that can help you sort colleges and universities by their generosity. By attending the webinar you will be able to find schools with the best financial aid as well as those that provide a high percentage of students with merit scholarships.

To attend this webinar and others this summer, just head back to this web page at 4:30  p.m. PDT on Aug. 25.

An Online Course for Busy Parents Seeking Answers

In October Michelle and I will be offering an in-depth online course that will allow you to delve deeper into how you can cut the price of college while finding great schools. We are busy creating the course – How to Get the Best Deal on a College Education – and will share more about the opportunity later.

To make college more affordable, you need to be an empowered consumer and we would like to help. Attending our webinars will be a great way to get started.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy





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