A Job Near the Beach

Yesterday I shared the news that my daughter Caitlin graduated from college this week. And she did it in four years, which is a rare feat for today’s college students. If you missed the post here it is:

Caitlin Graduates from Juniata College

Today, I wanted to share what I wrote for my college blog over CBS MoneyWatch that mentions ways that Caitlin increased her chances of getting a full-time job after graduating. Caitlin will be doing social media, among other responsibilities, for an educational toy company in San Diego, which is a couple of blocks from the beach.

Here is the post:

5 Secrets to Getting a Job After College

As you’ll see when you read the post, I’d suggest that college students need to start paving the way for a career long before they are seniors. What counts is not just what they do in the classroom, but during their free time and summers.

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2 Responses to A Job Near the Beach

  1. Sondi Dove May 27, 2011 at 2:39 am #

    “Congrats to Caitlin”, WOW was that a blink of the eye1
    We will be doing that next year with Chloe from Loyola and Grace from OLP
    Much love to all,
    The Dove’s

    • Lynn O'Shaughnessy May 27, 2011 at 3:36 am #

      Thanks Sondi. These kids are growing up too fast! I bet Grace is looking forward to moving on to college after OLP!

      Lynn O.

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