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Middle-Class Millionaires

I read an interesting story on Yahoo today that delved into the habits of so-called middle-class millionaires. The conclusions of the private wealth experts reminded me of the take-home messages from a book entitled, The Millionaire Next Door. Middle-class millionaires are nearly three times as likely as the average middle-class American to select a career […]

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Should You Pay Off the Mortgage?

I got an email this week from one of my favorite financial whizzes. When I still had my newspaper column, I occasionally wrote about Henry (Bud) Hebeler, who was formerly a top executive at Boeing and the holder of three MIT degrees. (As a complete failure in math, those degrees will always impress me.) After […]

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The Latest From Alan Greenspan

Someone at The Wall Street Journal got a jump on the competition when it found a copy of Alan Greenspan’s new book in a New York area bookstore. The newspaper was so delighted by its find that its article about the book, The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New Word, was the lead story […]

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Take a Deep Breath!

When I read what’s been happening in the financial markets lately, I’m embarrassed to be a financial journalist. Actually, it’s not Wall Street’s behavior that embarrasses me, it’s the way it’s being covered. Why do journalists insist on covering the market as if it’s a horse race? It’s not. People who are invested in stocks […]

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Best CD Rates

You might assume that there is nothing good to say about the subprime mortgage meltdown that has triggered heartbreaking personal tragedies across the country. I assumed the same thing, which was why I was surprised to learn from The Wall Street Journal yesterday that there is one pleasant side to the financial heartbreak. Some of […]

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