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Studying at MIT for Free

I spent a few minutes with my teenage son last night watching a mad professor flailing a student with cat fur. Actually, the MIT physics professor wasn’t mad, but he was entertaining. Walter H. G. Lewin was giving a demonstration on electrical charges in a class exploring electricity and magnetism. After getting pelted by the […]

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A Really Bad SAT Score

I hear a lot of crazy things when I drive the teenagers in my carpool to high school, but perhaps the strangest admission happened near the start of the school year. The four kids were talking about their SAT scores when Madison mumbled that his scores were low. I asked him what happened and he […]

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An Antidote to Part-Time Professors

In my last blog I talked about studies that illustrate the potential dangers of college students attending classes with part-time instructors. Students can suffer because adjunct professors often don’t have office hours. Once classes are over the teachers split. Often they are off to the next campus to teach elsewhere. In a school with an […]

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