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SAT Cheating: Does the Crime Pay?

What happens when someone is caught cheating on the SAT or ACT test? Apparently not much, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. The testing services don’t notify colleges about cheating incidents and they also don’t inform the students’ high schools. The fraudulent SAT scores are simply canceled. The cheaters are welcome to […]

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Getting Into College at the Last Minute

Every year this nightmare happens: Teenagers get rejected at every school where they’ve applied. Others students simply mess up and skip all the admission deadlines. If that happens to you, you shouldn’t necessarily panic. Each year plenty of schools welcome late comers. Lots of schools continue taking applications after the traditional May 1st application response […]

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When the SAT Flunks Its Own Test

A study released today couldn’t have made the executives at the College Board happy although they put on their game face when discussing the results. Research indicates that the “improved” SAT test doesn’t predict college success anymore than the old version did. Three years ago, the College Board added a writing section to the SAT, […]

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Getting an Academic Bargain Across State Lines

If you want to attend a public university outside your state, the price tag can often be outrageously high. It’s easy to understand why. States are usually only interested in holding down the costs for their own residents. You might, however, be able to capture a higher-ed bargain if your state maintains a reciprocal agreement […]

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The Chinese SAT

On Saturday, high school students around the country were taking the SAT. As hard as that test is, the Chinese have it much worse. For Chinese teenagers, everything was riding on the National College Entrance Exam last week. The test, which drags on for two days, determines not only where students get to go to […]

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Getting Into College Without the SAT

We all know teenagers who don’t test well. There are all sorts of legitimate reasons why some students, even bright ones, can’t earn decent numbers on the dreaded SAT test. It used to be that parents and students could rail all they wanted against the test, but it wouldn’t matter. Colleges and universities wanted to […]

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