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Fixing 529 College Savings Plans

Changes may be coming to  529 college savings plans. I think most parents will like the proposed college savings changes, which could lead to lower costs and more plentiful tax benefits. As a financial journalist, I’ve been writing about 529 plans since states began rolling them out in the late 1990s. During that time I’ve […]

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The 529 College Plan Debacle

Any parent who owns a 529 college plan knows who to  blame for their shriveled-up account balances — Wall Street. But the real story behind the 529 debacle is much more complicated than that. I explain how why we got into this 529 plan mess at my other college blog at Please check it […]

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Are Prepaid 529 Plans in Trouble?

Are prepaid 529 college plans in trouble? Thanks to the  stock market implosion, it’s a question families are naturally asking. This particular breed of 529 plan — the most conservative of the bunch — typically allows parents to buy all or a part of a college degree at today’s costs. If you bought a year’s […]

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A More Flexible College 529 Plan

One of the rules that I always disliked about 529 plans was this one: You can only change the mix of investments within a 529 plan once a year. It’s always struck me as an unfair rule since other investments accounts such as IRAs and 401(k)s don’t impose this restriction. In light of the stock […]

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