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Investing Overseas the Right Way

As I was researching a magazine story about foreign investing yesterday, I uncovered a stunning statistic. This is what I learned from the Investment Company Institute, which tracks the nation’s mutual fund flows: After adjusting for withdrawals, 93 cents out of every $1 that investors sunk into stock mutual funds last year ended up overseas. […]

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The Meaning of Money

A close friend of mine told me back in the mid 1980s that if he ever made $30,000, he’d be happy. At the time, he was earning $15,000 and he believed that doubling his money was all that was necessary for financial bliss. Today, he is making close to $175,000 and he is still yearning […]

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Don't forget the column

I was very happy that so many people visited yesterday. Hundreds of you, however, apparently didn’t realize that I’m posting columns on the site too. You read the blog, but not the column. So please click on my column link to read more. I’ll be posting one column every week — it will usually […]

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Congratulations, you found me. Since you’re visiting my blog/web site, you probably already know that the San Diego Union-Tribune canceled my column to save money. As I mentioned in my last column that appeared in today’s newspaper, it was very touching to read the crush of emails from people, who spent a few minutes each […]

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