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How to Win a Sports Scholarship

Last month I wrote three college blog posts about the hazards of chasing sports scholarships. I promise I’m not going to rehash that, but I did want to share a post that I wrote for CBSMoneyWatch on how teenagers can increase your chances of a sports scholarship. At a college admission conference that I attended […]

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10 Great College Tips for 2010

Happy New Year. I want to usher in 2010 by sharing 10 of my college blog posts from last year that I think will help you: Cut the cost of college. Find scholarships. Snag better financial aid packages. Locate great schools. Cutting the cost of college with better grades How to Negotiate for a Better […]

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Winning Athletic Scholarships or Not

How hard is it to win an athletic scholarship? It’s darn near impossible. About 2% of high school athletes receive athletic scholarships to play their sports in college. The grim odds, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t parlay your athletic talent into sweet deal from a college. That’s what I’ve been telling my niece Molly, who […]

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Going to College on an Athletic Scholarship

My biggest regret after finishing my book, The College Solution, was that I didn’t include a chapter about athletic scholarships. With the book’s deadline looming, I decided to skip writing about college sports scholarships. When my book goes into a second printing, I’ll be sure to add one. I was reminded about my omission today […]

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