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Meet Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a nationally recognized college expert, who is a higher-ed journalist, consultant and speaker.

Her chief goal is to help families with teenagers become smart college shoppers as they search for schools. She is also focused on educating high school counselors, college consultants and financial professionals, who need to understand how they can assist families with evaluating their choices and bringing their college costs down.

College is often the second biggest expense in a family’s life, but high school counselors and consultants usually don’t understand how to make college more affordable and neither do financial advisers.

Best-Selling Author/Journalist

Lynn is the author of numerous books including the second edition of her Amazon bestseller: The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price. Lynn is the college contributor at CBS MoneyWatch and she writes about college at her own popular blog –  The College Solution, which attracts several thousand visitors a day.

Course Instructor

Lynn  offers an online course for parents – Cutting the Cost of College – that provides a blueprint for how families can make college more affordable. She also offers a course for high school counselors, consultants and financial professionals on how to find affordable schools and pay for college. The courses includes written lessons, videos, discussion boards, handouts and webinars.

Lynn O'Shaugnessy


Lynn gives popular presentations about college strategies for schools, nonprofits, companies and financial advisory firms.

Media Contributor

Lynn, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, has written and/or been interviewed about college issues for such national outlets as The New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Consumer Reports, USA Today, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Associated Press, MSN Money, Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Smart Money, Reuters and The Early Show on CBS.

Financial Journalist

Prior to focusing on college issues, Lynn was a veteran financial journalist who wrote for many consumer and financial industry publications such as BusinessWeek, Forbes, Money and Bloomberg publications since the 1990’s. She wrote three financial books, The Unofficial Guide to Investing (MacMillan), as well as Retirement Bible and Investing Bible (John Wiley & Sons). In addition, she ghost wrote two additional financial books, including one New York Times bestseller. 


Lynn and her husband Bruce, who live in San Diego, are the parents of a son, who graduated from Beloit College with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a minor in studio art in 2014, and a daughter, who graduated from Juniata College in 2011 with a degree in Spanish and entrepreneurship. Lynn, a St. Louis native, is a graduate of the nation’s oldest journalism school at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

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